How to Update Your Kitchen’s Brick Backsplash

Update Your Kitchen With Brick Backsplash

Brick looks great on the exterior of a home but a brick backsplash imparts an industrial aesthetic and earthiness to your kitchen or bathroom.

Installing a brick backsplash is a little more complicated than other types of tile.  Brick is much heavier and requires stronger adhesive and more powerful tools. Luckily, we have published an article with four easy steps to installing a brick backsplash

One thing to keep in mind when installing a brick backsplash is it can be hard to clean given its high absorbency level and rough texture. It can absorb liquid and can stain easily as a result of preparing certain foods. However, a brick backsplash can be a beautiful option for any interior style, whether rustic, contemporary, farmhouse, or modern, and these ideas will help you find a way to make it work for your home.

Fill the Wall

How to update your kitchen's brick backsplash

Wall-to-wall backsplashes can be hard to pull off but brick makes it much easier and ties the look together seamlessly. Complement the brick backsplash with wooden or stainless steel open shelving, painted cabinetry, and a matching sconce and you’ve got yourself a beautiful kitchen.

Create a Unique Layout

How to update your kitchen's brick backsplash

Another important factor to consider when designing your brick backsplash is the layout in which you’ll install the bricks. The great thing about brick is that, while it looks great simply stacked horizontally, there are a number of different layouts that can give the wall a whole new look. Opt for something a little more playful and less expected like crosshatch, herringbone, or chevron. Or maybe even try laying your brick tiles out vertically for a look few of your guests will have seen before.

Add a Rustic Fixture

How to update your kitchen's brick backsplash

Adding a brick backsplash behind the stove surrounded by a different material adds a rustic feature with character and texture that draws in the eye. Here a focal point was created in this modern space to give it an industrial look complemented by the wooden shelf, granite countertops, and black cabinets.

Do Something a Little Different

How to update your kitchen's brick backsplash

The contrast of this terracotta brick against the stark white cabinetry in this kitchen makes this space especially unique. The bricks have been arranged vertically to add another unexpected touch making for a space that overall, is truly glowing.

Whitewash the Bricks

How to update your kitchen's brick backsplash

The age-old debate of whether to paint, stain, or whitewash brick holds true with brick kitchen backsplashes. Here, you can see that whitewashing was just what this backsplash needed to take it over the top.

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