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7 Ways to Update Your Interior Exposed Brick Wall

They give a cozy feeling to any room and while they convey a certain sense of history, they can most certainly be updated to match any interior design style from traditional to modern to minimalist. If you are looking for ways to update your interior brick walls, we have a number of techniques and effects that you can apply to your own exposed brick wall to preserve its character while ensuring it’s the perfect complement to the rest of your decor. 

Create Some Contrast In Textures

A raw and unfinished exposed brick wall creates a rustic contrast in a modern bathroom when paired with smooth, plain black tiles. The dark color palette of this bathroom makes it easy to keep your bathroom looking elegant while also allowing you to tie the ensemble all together. 

Limewash It

Limewash allows the brick to breathe because it leaves a soft, porous finish while also softening the natural bright red of the brick wall. The more coats you apply, the more “white” the brick wall will appear. 

Add Windows

Brick is such a rich material and here it looks great broken up by windows that beautifully bring in the landscape around the house. Adding windows is a great way to enhance the texture without really introducing another material to the palette.

Frame It

A perfect way to modernize an exposed brick wall is to add a gallery wall. One gallery wall we’ve seen a lot lately and have been loving is a gallery wall formed by different, ornately-framed mirrors. Not only will it warm up the brick wall, but placing mirrors throughout a room gives it the illusion of being bigger. 

Paint It Black

Adding black paint doesn’t have to define your style as “gothic” or even “minimal.” A black brick fireplace or wall looks great when warmed up with wood tones used on the same wall or in the flooring. Black brick works best as an accent wall creating drama but still keeping the room classy.

Add a Mural

Get creative and add a mural to your brick wall. This works especially well in a powder room with an exposed brick wall where you can really have fun and play with colors. 

Add a Pop of Color

Who says brick has to stay its natural red color? Give it a couple of coats of your favorite color and voila! You’ve got a unique design detail that will turn the heads of all your house guests.

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