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About Us

Downtown Spokane, WA with sunset vista of Spokane River going under Monroe St. Bridge
Your Hampton Roads Virginia masonry, hardscapes, and veneer distributor since 1868!

Our Mission

Batchelder & Collins has been in business since 1868.

Captain William Collins* served as a Union commander during the Civil War. He settled in Norfolk and started a brick shipping business with Mr. Batchelder on Water St.*, where Waterside is today. Mr. Batchelder will later sell his share of the business. In 1901, Captain Collins moved his business to its current location off Granby St.* where the original brick can still be seen throughout the buildings.

B&C is still owned and managed by the same family for five generations. The current president is Captain Collins’ great- grandson, Frank Wozniak Jr. His father and grand-father also served as previous presidents.

Horse and carriage used to deliver bricks to the site, then the use of the pickup truck*, all loaded and unloaded brick by brick one at a time by hand. Today, the yard at B&C still houses the old stables that have been turned into a warehouse.

We deliver more than bricks now: we also sell hardscapes and other masonry supplies using MACK trucks* off the same historic yard.

Our small family-owned business has sustained throughout the hardships over the last 155 years because of our commitment to excellent service and strong business values.

Batchelder & Collins Brick Truck