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Natural Hardscapes
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As VA’s leader in brick and stone, Batchelder & Collins has everything you need for exciting home projects.

Natural Hardscapes

In landscaping and outdoor design, natural hardscapes involve using materials like stone, brick, and wood to craft practical spaces. These elements are selected for their strength, eco-friendliness, and enduring charm, bringing character to any setting.

At Batchelder & Collins in Virginia, we provide natural hardscape options such as bricks and pavers that suit an array of projects. For instance, in Norfolk and Williamsburg, homeowners and landscapers can utilize these materials to create patios where families can enjoy meals and relaxation. The textures and colors of the bricks and pavers blend harmoniously with the surroundings, enhancing the area’s appearance.

These materials are ideal for constructing pathways that wind through gardens or connect parts of a property. Integrating hardscapes into these pathways can introduce appeal while ensuring a sturdy surface for foot traffic. Additionally, using natural hardscape materials for building retaining walls not only adds functionality but also enhances the beauty of sloped areas by preventing erosion. Whether a backyard project or a large-scale landscaping venture, the natural hardscape products at Batchelder & Collins offer versatility and quality for creating welcoming spaces in Virginia.

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