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Outdoor Fire Pits
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Ghost stories, family gatherings, celebrating life milestones, planning dream vacations, or just enjoying the warmth of the fire on a cool fall night, the best things around done around a fire pit. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit are perhaps the best features to add to your backyard if you want to make more memories and design a place for you and your family to gather and enjoy together. Whether you want to hear the crackling and smell the smoke of a real wood fire or you want to take the simple route of a propane or natural gas fire, Batchelder & Collins has something that will fit your style and budget and create an irreplaceable focal point for outdoor living.

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Our fire features are made with superior engineering and craftsmanship and each fire pit is designed to provide an exceptional experience and performance and deliver a long-lasting feature to your outdoor space.

Light up the night and get more out of your outdoor living space with our custom-crafted fire features.

We offer:

  • High-quality materials that stand up to time and daily use
  • Custom designs that suit every style home
  • An every-season feature that will increase the value of your home

The Great Debate: Wood-Burning vs. Gas Fire Pits

While wood-burning fire pits usually come with a lower price tag than gas fire pits, they both have their pros and cons that you should consider before making your decision.


Wood-burning fire pits give a more rustic look to your outdoor space, are generally faster to install, and give off that natural crackling sound associated with fire that creates an authentic ambiance. Wood-burning fire pits, however, do come with fire hazard concerns, the necessity to have space to store the wood, the need for regular maintenance, and lighting and cleaning challenges. You should also note that you will have to check your local city and country guidelines to install a wood-burning fire pit.

Natural Gas or Propane

Gas or propane fire pits are more environmentally friendly, easier to light and maintain, can run continuously, and poses fewer fire hazards in comparison to wood-burning. The disadvantage of outdoor gas fire pits is that you will need a gas line installed by a plumber.

Planning Patio Space for Every Type of Backyard

Do you want permanent seating around your fire pit?

If you want your fire pit to be the focal point of your backyard and the perfect place for entertaining, you may want to incorporate a seat wall or other permanent seating around your fire pit. This can be done using paver blocks, concrete, or rocks and keeps you from having to drag heavy outdoor furniture to and from your fire pit. Batchelder & Collins is your one stop shop for all your needs. Not only do we have a variety of fire pits to fit your overall design style, but we also carry the supplies to create the seating surrounding it and make the entire area warm and inviting for friends and family.

Planning Patio Space for Every Type of Backyard

What style fire pit are you looking for?

At Batchelder & Collins, we help you select the best style that will seamlessly blend into your landscape, provide the most functionality possible, and compliment your home whether it’s contemporary, a classic Victorian style, or mid-century modern. We have options for everyone.


Modern fire pits feature characteristics like straight, clean lines and are generally made of metal, wood, or concrete. They fit perfectly with a modern home but they also provide the perfect juxtaposition when paired with older home styles.


Rustic fire pits usually have characteristics like round forms, layers, and jagged imperfect shapes and are made of pavers, rock, stone, or rustic metals. They give an outdoorsy feel to your backyard and pair perfectly with industrial or farmhouse style homes.

Get The Supplies For Your New Backyard Fireplace

Whatever your outdoor space and budget require, we can help you find the perfect fire feature that will become a staple part of your home. Contact Batchelder & Collins today or stop by to check out our extensive selection of fire pits.

You’re probably dreaming of the days ahead where you’ll gather with friends and family once again, roasting hot dogs and s’mores around the warmth of the fire.

What makes it even better is knowing that you created this fire pit yourself using high quality but affordable products from Batchelder & Collins. Whether you’re looking to create your fire pit out of brick, pavers, concrete, or retaining wall block, you can find what you need at the best price at one of our two locations. 

If there’s ever a time to make a beautiful backyard your priority, it is now. With a few basic skills, some creativity, and our products, you can build your own fire pit and upgrade your backyard on a budget.

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