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If your family is still wondering why you haven’t built a fire pit for your yard that you keep promising, it’s time to get to work. You will need the right building materials that can withstand high heat to avoid damage to your fire pit within a short time.

When your dreams of a backyard oasis include a fire pit to hang out around with families and friends, you can create a great pit when you invest in high-quality, insulating firebricks while building.

To get started, it’s time to contact Batchelder & Collins to learn more about the variety of firebricks we offer. With the right high-density fireclay brick, you will have a quality fire pit that will last for years. We understand what it takes to provide customers with options, and we are ready to answer any questions you have about the products we sell.

What Is a Firebrick?

A firebrick makes it possible to build chimneys, fireplaces, kilns, or to line furnaces. They withstand high temperatures, and you are able to build the structure you need without having to be concerned that the materials used are going to be damaged from the high heat. The purpose of firebrick is to provide a fire-resistant surface that will not get damaged from exposure to excessive heat.

There are three types of firebricks, and they are categorized into neutral, basic, and acidic firebricks. The differences between fire and regular brick include:

  • Regular brick is more porous and more likely to crack when exposed to heat.
  • Regular brick will not last as long when used in a fire pit, outdoor stove, or boiler.
  • Firebrick is more expensive because it is made to last longer.
  • Firebrick is more durable and is able to withstand higher temperatures.

It is important to find a firebrick supplier that can talk to you about the different types of brick you can use when building your project. Take the time to research the variety of bricks for you to choose from, and speak with a professional when you don’t know where to start. You will want to know approximately how much of the brick you need, what type to purchase, and what will work best for your fire pit.

How Are Firebricks Made?

Firebricks are also known as refractory bricks because of how they are made. The materials used are fireclay, with a varying amount of silica and alumina. Other chemicals within heat-resistant bricks can be titanium, calcium, potassium, silicon carbide, and iron. The materials used in these types of bricks are what make them different than regular clay bricks. High alumina bricks or corundum bricks can also be used when you need bricks that can withstand extremely high temperatures.

You will need to choose the right refractory bricks depending on what you are building. Standard clay brick isn’t designed to be used in high heat situations. These bricks are made using castable fireclay that is molded into a variety of refractory shapes. Once the refractory materials are in the desired shape, the clay molds are put into a cement kiln until the bricks are baked to the desired hardness.

This is done by carefully monitoring the temperature of the kiln and the bricks as they are inside. The porosity of the brick is higher in refractory firebricks, making them able to withstand higher temperatures. The composition of the brick will impact the density, and you will want to know what the maximum temperature exposure tolerance is for each type of brick you want to use in your project.

Finding the Right Building Materials

When you are trying to build an outdoor fire pit, you want to use super-duty refractory firebricks that are precast in the shape you need. You will need to make sure that the bricks you are using for a fire pit can handle temperatures of around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t use refractory products and choose regular clay bricks, your bricks are going to begin cracking when the temperature hits near 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The process of making bricks used in heat situations can include adding a dye or stain to create refractory firebricks in a foundry that are the desired color. Most bricks you will find that are used in a pizza oven, or as insulating firebricks, in boilers, or in outdoor fireplaces are a white or yellowish-white color before being dyed. Monolithics, or large bricks that provide thermal conductivity, are used as a base in many applications.

The heavier and more durable your firebricks are, the longer they are going to last. It depends on how you treat your bricks, whether they are exposed to extreme temperatures, and how often high heat is being absorbed. The lifespan of your firebricks used in an outdoor fire pit should last at least three years, possibly more. Bricks used in cement kilns, for example, can last for decades.

How Can I Use Firebricks?

You can use firebricks for a wide range of applications. Anywhere that you need to have fire-resistant bricks and you are concerned about damage, firebricks are the answer. You can use these types of bricks to build an outdoor firepit, to line your furnace, to build an outdoor stove, or to create an interior fireplace for your home. If the bricks you want to use are going to be exposed to high temperatures, it’s important that you invest in firebricks to do the work instead of basic pavers. The raw materials you use to build your structure are going to make a big difference in the longevity of what you create.

Whether you want to build an outdoor stove, fireplace, or fire pit, you will need to use the right refractory mortar to keep your bricks in place. You may need a ceramic fiber blanket to protect the surface of your stove from getting too hot. With the number of applications where you can use firebricks, there’s no excuse for having a fire pit that your family can enjoy throughout the year.

What Are the Benefits of Using Firebricks?

There are many benefits to using firebricks when you are trying to build an outdoor fire pit, stove, or fireplace. It is also used to line boilers, fireplaces, and anywhere you need strong, fire-resistant bricks in place.

Firebricks are Insulating

Firebricks are insulating, making it possible to build an outdoor structure that isn’t going to get hot on the surface. They are used in things like wood stoves so that the outside of the stove doesn’t get too hot. The insulating properties make it possible to use firebricks in a wide range of applications.

Durability of Firebricks

The more dense a firebrick is, the more durable it is going to be. A high-density firebrick can withstand decades of use if they are installed correctly. They are less likely to break than traditional bricks, and it is going to cost you less money over time to use a more durable product for your projects.

Weather Resistance of Firebricks

When you want to build anything that is going to be outside and get exposed to the elements, you have to invest in weather-resistant materials to get the job done right. Firebricks are weather-resistant and are going to last longer than regular bricks when they are out in the rain, snow, and temperature extremes.

Firebricks are Customized

No matter what type of project you are building, firebricks are customized to meet a wide range of needs. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, while some are also stained or dyed to give you color options.

The benefits of using firebricks for your project are worth the extra money when you are purchasing the bricks. They are going to last longer, and won’t need to be replaced as often. You won’t have to deal with cracked structures as long as you use the right products to build your outdoor fire pit. Know what you need for your outdoor fire pit and the quality products you need to do the work right.

Contact Batchelder & Collins Today

At Batchelder & Collins, we know what it takes to build a durable, long-lasting outdoor fire pit, fireplace, or stove. When you have a project in mind, we are a firebrick supplier you can count on. You can speak to a member of our team to discuss your options. Whether you are just in the design phase, or you know exactly what you need, we are ready to help you get the products that will make your project a success.

To speak with one of our Hardscape Professionals at Batchelder & Collins, call (757) 625-2506 or complete the online contact form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. If you are ready to build an outdoor fire pit, we are the firebrick supplier that will meet your needs.

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