How to Clean and Restore Exposed Brick Walls

How to Clean and Restore Exposed Brick Walls

While exposed brick walls are known for giving a warm, rustic look to the living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens that they adorn, brick walls that are crumbling and cracked have the opposite effect. Not something you want. But don’t worry: ...
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What's the Difference Between Staining, Whitewashing, and Painting Brick?

What’s the Difference Between Staining, Whitewashing, and Painting Brick?

So, you’re ready to update your brick home. The color is fading and you want to refresh its curb appeal, or maybe you feel like your exposed brick wall is deflecting the light and darkening your living room. You search ...
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how to paint interior brick

How To Paint Interior Brick

Have you decided that the natural color of brick is not the right fit for your home’s aesthetic? So, we’ve discussed previously whether painting the brick elements of your home is the best option for you. If you were able ...
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Should I paint my brick house?

Should I Paint my Brick House?

Have you been thinking about painting your brick house but are unsure if it’s the kind of DIY project you want to undertake? Before you whip out your roller and outdoor paint, there are some important factors to consider in ...
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How to hang anything on a brick wall

How to Hang Anything on a Brick Wall

Nothing adds warmth and character to a space quite like an exposed brick wall. Although they make a statement by themselves, we completely understand if you want to further adorn your wall. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to ...
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Ways to Incorporate Exposed Brick into Your Home

6 Ways to Incorporate Exposed Brick into Your Home

Painted, stained, or left natural, exposed brick walls are making a comeback in household design. Exposed brick is great for adding texture, authenticity, warmth, and dimension to your home, in addition to increasing your property value. Brick might not be ...
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