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As VA’s leader in brick and stone, Batchelder & Collins has everything you need for exciting home projects.

Block Masonry in Norfolk and Throughout Hampton Roads


You need a durable material for your indoor or outdoor building project, and finding the right masonry materials to use is often a challenge. When you want products that will stand the test of time and help you protect your home, it’s time to consider the various masonry solutions available. From waterproofing your crawl space to building an outdoor brick oven, you want choices when it comes to the masonry products you have to choose from for your home or business renovations.

At Batchelder and Collins, we are ready to help you find the right products to meet your specific needs. We work hard to create high-quality products, and we will only recommend masonry products that we believe in. We don‘t want you to waste money on low-quality products that are not going to last. We take the time to show you the options available to you and talk to you about the pros and cons of each choice.

Our Norfolk and Williamsburg stores are easy to reach for Hampton Roads homeowners or contractors. If you work or reside in Newport News, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Richmond, and the surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered. Come learn more about our company, and see why workmanship matters so much to us.

You will get the customer service you deserve, and be able to find the right masonry materials you need to get your project done. Our products are going to last, and it is worth the investment to buy quality products for your next renovation project. We know that it is hard to choose the right materials, but we have the time and patience you want to help you make the decisions you need to.

Contact us online or call us at 757-625-2506 today to get premium masonry supplies for your next project!

What is Block Masonry?

Masonry is any type of brick or concrete block that is used in construction. Projects outside the home and inside can benefit from the right masonry. In landscaping projects, pavers are commonly used to create interesting hardscapes. Brick and concrete blocks are a great way to add to your landscaping, create walking paths, brick walls, or build a retaining wall. When you choose better concrete for your projects, you will have the right materials that are going to stand up over time.

Masonry products are used throughout Norfolk, VAas a solid building material with everlasting durability. Whether you are concerned about temperature extremes or excessive amounts of sunlight, masonry can withstand high heat and changes in temperature. Homeowners and business owners in Norfolk understand that masonry is an excellent choice when considering the materials to use for a driveway, new walkway, patio, or accent wall.

Why Choose Masonry for Your Home Improvement Project in Norfolk?

When you choose masonry for your home improvement project in Norfolk, you are going to see a number of benefits. Concrete contractors will explain that masonry increases the thermal mass of the building, making it more weather resistant and temperature moderated. When you use a noncombustible product for your concrete construction, foundation repair, or carpentry project, you are going to reduce the risk of a potential fire in your home.

Masonry products can be used in waterproofing, and in areas where you are concerned about potential water damage. Masonry, Inc., Groome‘s Brick Repair, and Affordable Brick Repair, LLC, recommend the products made by Batchelder & Collins in home renovations and building projects because of the high-quality nature of the materials we create.

When you use masonry for your building project, there is no need to paint the structure. Even without paint, a structure built with masonry is going to look great and be impervious to the weather. Although you can paint brick, most people choose to leave the raw brick exposed for a natural look. When you use top-notch brick & block masonry, it is going to look great, and increase the longevity of both the appearance and durability of the structure.

If you are concerned about damage from weather and projectiles, masonry can be used on roofing to protect the surface. The risk of damage from the weather will be reduced when a more durable product is used for roofing, walls, and more on your home. Extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on your business. Get a quote to find out how much it would cost to add protection to your home using masonry products.

Common Renovation and Building Projects That Use Masonry

There are many types of renovation and building projects where you can use masonry. Home exteriors use masonry to create a more durable building or for style purposes. In outdoor hardscapes, masonry offers a wide range of options to make your yard look great. Retaining walls are built with masonry, as are backsplashes, accent walls, fireplaces, and chimneys. Masonry plays a substantial role in renovation and building projects, even if you hadn’t noticed before.

When you want an outdoor patio and fireplace made out of masonry, you will have several options. You can create the patio with one type of masonry while selecting fire-retardant bricks to use in an outdoor fireplace. The design of your hardscapes is only limited by your imagination. You can create a backyard oasis when you invest time and money into upgrading your landscape and using materials that are high-quality throughout the design.

Masonry is used to build brick ovens, for use in restaurants, homes, and other hardscape projects. You can use various masonry for patios and walkways, giving your property a more polished look. Masonry for driveways is now more common, and you can create an amazing design using masonry products for your driveway design. Masonry driveways can be built using a variety of colors, and you don’t have to settle for simple asphalt driveways. When you want your property to stand out, it’s time to start paying attention to the different types of materials you use on your property.

Masonry is more versatile than you might think. Although it is durable and strong, it can be fire-resistant and help with insulating your property. Products come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes, making it easy to create an intricate design for your next driveway, accent wall, or pathway. There are many options for you to think about, as masonry is going to add value to your property when used correctly. You can give the front of your home an upgrade by using masonry for a brick wall or walking path up to your front door. Masonry gives your home a more polished look and will improve the curb appeal.

Why Choose Batchelder & Collins for Masonry Needs in Norfolk, VA?

Batchelder & Collins has many years of experience working with Hampton Roads homeowners and businesses in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Newport News, and the surrounding areas. We understand what it takes to provide better concrete and masonry solutions for our customers. We can come up with a quote for services and can recommend the products your general contractor might need for foundation repair, concrete construction, and more. We understand that masonry contractors want to work with the best products available, and we stand by the quality workmanship of every product we create.

As a family-owned business since 1868, working in the brick and masonry industry, we have the expert knowledge you want from a skilled team of masonry experts. We work closely with every customer we serve to provide the time and attention you need to understand your options. We understand what it takes to provide quality services to every customer with which we work. As a business for over 150 years, we are committed to the community that we serve. We have built our business on a strong reputation, and we are going to continue to provide quality products throughout the area. We are ready to work with you to choose the right materials for your next building or hardscape project.

Contact Batchelder & Collins to Discuss Your Masonry Needs in Norfolk, VA Today

With our years of experience working with top-notch brick & block masonry, we are ready to answer your questions about the right masonry products to use on your next project. Visit our showroom to see what types of products we have for your brick wall, foundation repair, or home improvement needs. A member of our sales team will meet with you, and be able to talk to you about the benefits of the products you are interested in. Learn more about masonry and why Batchelder & Collins is a leader in the brick and masonry supply industry.

Contact us online or call us at 757-625-2506 today to get premium masonry supplies for your next project!

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