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Mortar, Cement, & Concrete in Williamsburg
As VA’s leader in brick and stone, Batchelder & Collins has everything you need for exciting home projects.

Mortar, Cement, & Concrete in Williamsburg

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Are you doing an indoor or outdoor construction project that involves masonry cement in Williamsburg, Virginia? Masonry work is a versatile technique that uses hardscape materials such as cement, concrete, mortar, pavers, and other solid materials. You can use these materials for a wide range of projects such as exterior walkways and patios to interior kitchen islands and wall facades. While hiring local concrete contractors to perform the work may be simple, finding a reliable supplier to provide the materials for the project can become a hassle.

You want materials that are high-quality, have colorful hues, and are available in the quantity to finish the entire project. Batchelder & Collins offers a wide variety of masonry products. Our years of experience in cement, mortar, and masonry materials have made us the local pros in our industry. In operation for over 150 years, our company is a trusted and reliable locally-owned hardscape materials supplier.

What are the Differences Between Mortar, Cement, and Concrete?

You may have heard these terms before from construction or excavation services. Homeowners sometimes use them interchangeably to mean the same thing. Yet mortar, cement, and concrete are different materials that provide separate unique properties to a project. Understanding these properties allows you to pick the right materials based on your project.

Keep in mind that you can have concrete or mortar without cement. Cement is made from crushed silica sand, limestone, shells, and clay combined with other materials that are heated up to 2,700 degrees℉ until made into what is called cement clinker. This clinker becomes ground into a fine powder which is the cement that can be used to make masonry projects. You add water into the concrete binder powder and allow it to set.

Mortar is a combination of sand and cement but has weaker characteristics than both cement and concrete. It is typically used to bind masonry objects together on the edges or on top of each other, such as brick or pavers. A special type of mortar, called thin-set, is used for ceramics and tiles. There are many types of mortar out there to use with specific materials. Selecting the right mortar for the materials is essential as you do not want to end up cracking the masonry due to the mortar being too hard.

Concrete and cement are not the same. Concrete contains cement along with coarse aggregates such as sand and gravel. It can form into any type of molded shape as it possesses a high amount of strength and durability. Since concrete possesses cement, it comes as a dry powder that is mixed with water and allowed to set. Depending on what the concrete is used for, you may add metal reinforcement such as a rebar to provide extra strength and structural stability to the project. Concrete comes as ready mixed as a contractor arrives at the worksite with a mixer to provide concrete services. You can also purchase the dry cement separately and add the gravel, sand, or other aggregates.

How Are They Each Used?

Contractors use mortar to combine the edges or surfaces of two masonry objects together. You often see mortar as the joining piece between paver stones in walkways or bricks along a wall. Think of mortar as the adhesive that holds two objects together. Mortar can also be used to complete concrete repairs.

Cement can be used for waterproofing along an existing surface. It is normally used for smaller building and construction projects.

You can use concrete for small, medium, and large construction projects due to its strength. You may find concrete used for foundations, patios, slabs, and other applications. Since it can be molded into shape, such as concrete blocks, you can also use it as anchoring when adding stability to other materials, such as fence posts going directly into the ground.

What Types of Home Improvements Can You Do in Williamsburg?

You can do a vast number of projects using cement in Williamsburg, Virginia. Paving contractors may use these materials from walkways and wall facades. Other construction contractors may lay down concrete as home foundations or build solid objects such as tables or benches. The types of home improvements and landscape projects will depend on the location and size, as you can use cement, mortar, and concrete for both interior and exterior projects.

When considering which project to use concrete and cement, take into consideration the size of the project and the amount of load that the materials will carry. These factors allow you to decide whether concrete work has the structural stability and strength that the project needs. Also, keep in mind the outdoor elements as concrete slabs can withstand adverse conditions while lasting for many decades when done right.

What Are the Different Types of Mortar?

If you decide on using mortar to join bricks, pavers, or other masonry together, keep in mind that there are several distinct types. These mortar types are all called ASTM 270 yet possess specific qualities based on the application. In addition, different mortars have a range of stiffness, elasticity, and strength. They are designed to join specific materials together without causing cracking or spalling. Spalling is when the materials flake away from the surface.

Type N

This is a general-purpose mortar used for exterior projects such as above-grade walls. This material can create a solid bond for semi-soft stone or other masonry. You may also use Type N mortar to repoint brickwork projects that are newly constructed. Type N has a 750 psi compressive strength.

Type M

With a 2,500 psi compressive strength, Type M mortar is the strongest bonding mortar out on the market today. The material is often found along below-grade retaining walls or on foundations. Due to its high psi, you can use Type M mortar for high gravity construction projects or projects that possess high lateral loads.

Type S

Type S mortar also possesses a high compressive strength of 1,800 psi. It has exceptional bonding properties as it resists excessive moisture. The mortar can be used for below-grade walls, at-grade exterior walls, or traditional stucco systems that have a hard coat.

Type O

This mortar category is the weakest out of the four types that are mentioned. The mortar’s compressive strength is 350 psi. Type O mortar is used for repointing projects and to set softer stone materials such as sandstone.

Man using mortar and cement blocks

What is the Most Common Cement Used in Concrete Projects?

Ordinary Portland cement is the most common cement used for many construction installations and resurfacing projects. It is widely used by homeowners and construction services around the world. Often, when people are searching for concrete materials, they refer to all cement as Portland cement even though there are other types available. Portland cement was first made in England by Joseph Aspdin of Leeds who was a mason.

Batchelder & Collins Proudly Offers the Following Lines of Cement for Williamsburg, VA

Batchelder & Collins has a large supply of cement products for homeowners. Ask about our cement lines and which ones would be the best for your next projects.

  • Quikrete Cement & Concrete
  • Workrite Colored Masonry Cement
  • Solomon Colors, Inc.
  • Argos
  • Roanoke Cement: A Titan America Business

Why You Should Consider Batchelder and Collins for Your Building Supply Needs in Williamsburg, VA?

Our company has offered homeowners and commercial businesses brick and masonry supplies for over 150 years. Our wide range of products provides affordable solutions for your hardscape projects. Batchelder & Collins is a locally-owned company, and we strive to please all of our customers by listening to their construction ideas and needs. We offer premium masonry materials designed for interior or exterior structures.

Are you in need of quality products like brick, concrete, fireplace supplies and more for your Williamsburg, Virginia project? Batchelder & Collins can supply you with masonry products. Talk with our concrete product representatives by calling us at (757) 625-2506 to get a quote. You may also fill out our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you.

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