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Concrete Masonry in Williamsburg, VA
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As VA’s leader in brick and stone, Batchelder & Collins has everything you need for exciting home projects.

Concrete Masonry in Williamsburg, VA

Concrete is a durable and popular choice for building and landscaping products, but you need a trustworthy supplier to know you are getting quality products. Because of the way concrete is made, if you do not have a trusted source for these foundational building materials, your entire project is at risk. Batchelder & Collins Inc. has been providing quality concrete products in the Williamsburg area for over a century. Reach out today to get a quote for your concrete blocks from our trusted team.

Batchelder & Collins, Inc., is a trusted source for concrete masonry in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. Our knowledge of masonry products and our commitment to customer service make us a logical choice when you need a supplier. We believe that concrete masonry is the right choice for a number of building projects because of its durability, longevity, and ease of use. To understand it better, first consider the different types of concrete masonry, then take a look at how it can be used for home improvement and construction needs.

Types of Concrete Masonry Contractors Use

Concrete blocks are also known as concrete masonry  units, cinder blocks, and gray blocks. These blocks are made from powdered cement, water, sand, and gravel, molded into the particular shape desired. These are one of the most common building products in the United States, and understanding your options when shopping for these products is important.

Type of Block

Concrete masonry units are rectangular blocks used in building construction. They can be either hollow concrete blocks or solid concrete blocks. Some blocks have decorative facings to add to the architectural aesthetics of the design.


Most concrete blocks are made from cast concrete, which has sand and fine gravel in it. To make the blocks less dense, they may have fly ash or bottom ash added as an aggregate. These then are known as cinder blocks. The addition of autoclaved aerated concrete, which uses expanded clay, shale, and slate, can make lightweight blocks. Sometimes we will add special aggregates to change the color or texture of the block to make it more aesthetically pleasing for your hardscape or landscaping project.

Size and Structure

Concrete blocks in the United States are a standard size of 16 in x 8 in x 8 in, with a 3/8 inch shortness to allow for mortar joints. In the UK and New Zealand and Canada, the size is slightly different.

Blocks have tapered cores to allow a greater surface area on the top, making it easier to spread mortar. The hollow core on most blocks allows reinforcement, like rebar, to be fitted through them. It also keeps the blocks a bit more lightweight without compromising the overall quality and stability of the final project.

Specialty shapes are also available. These include u-shaped blocks, knockout blocks with notches, blocks with channels on the end for doors, and blocks with grooved ends for joint construction.

Common Home Improvement Uses of Concrete Block

Whether you are a home improvement contractor who is dedicated to providing quality work for your customers or a homeowning handyman, that work starts with the right foundational building materials. We can assist with high-quality concrete masonry. You can use our concrete products for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Chimney repair
  • Block walls created with concrete block
  • Pavers and driveways
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Foundation repair
  • Outdoor living areas
  • Landscaping
  • Patios
  • Concrete building construction and remodels

What Are the Advantages of Using Concrete Masonry?

Concrete masonry provides a number of benefits for landscapers and those in construction services. These include:

Cost-Effective Building Material

Concrete is often a more affordable option than other popular building materials. It is also easier to build with than wood, so labor costs are less for contractors who offer concrete services.

Low Maintenance Option

You will never have to stain concrete blocks, and they rarely need to be replaced. Low-maintenance buildings save their owners time and money, which is why many construction general contractors choose concrete.

Energy-Efficient Designs

Concrete stonework is quite energy efficient. In a 100,000-square-foot building built from concrete blocks, you will save up to $1,200 a month on utility costs. The building will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Durability and Longevity

Masonry does not rot, resists compression even with large weight loads, and is resistant to pests. It works great for waterproofing because it does not grow mold or absorb moisture. It is possible for concrete masonry structures to last up to a century.

Fireproof Building Material

Concrete is non-combustible, so it helps with fire protection. Thus, when you build block walls and buildings out of concrete, you are able to build buildings that are less prone to fire damage. This also makes concrete a great choice for fireplaces and chimney repair.

Eco-Friendly Building Material

Finally, concrete block provides you with eco-friendly building material. It is easier on the environment than other building materials, incorporating waste by-products and limestone, which is an abundant natural resource. Creating concrete generates less waste than other building materials, and it is recyclable.

Batchelder & Collins is the Concrete Masonry Choice of Williamsburg, Virginia Concrete Contractors

The quality of your construction work is only as good as the quality of your building materials. That’s where Batchelder & Collins can help. We have been creating high-quality concrete blocks since 1868, and we know what contractors need to satisfy their own clients.

Construction contractors offering concrete services have trusted our team for over a century. They count on us to deliver solid building materials they can use for their projects. From our Williamsburg and Norfolk locations, we are able to serve many surrounding areas, including all of Hampton Roads, Yorktown, Gloucester, Toano, New Kent, Lanexa, and Richmond.

Our team is committed to a high level of customer service. When you shop with us for your concrete or any other supplies such as bricks and mortar we will help you select the right products and treat you with respect throughout the process. You will feel confident that you have found the right concrete products for your project.

Reach Out Today to Get A Quote For Your Concrete Supplies in Williamsburg

If you are in need of concrete supplies, including concrete block, and live in or around Williamsburg, you can count on our team to help with quality products and great customer service. To speak with one of our staff members or to get help choosing your products, call (757) 625-2506 or complete the online contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

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