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Stone Veneer

Choosing the right aesthetic for your home design project can be daunting especially when you’re not sure which materials will help you accomplish the look. Fortunately, Batchelder & Collins offers a variety of manufactured stone veneer, thin brick, natural veneer, and lath to relieve your concerns all in one place.

Stone veneer can be made from natural stone as well as manufactured stone. Natural stone veneer is made from real stone that is either collected, i.e. fieldstone, or quarried. The stone is cut to a consistent thickness and weight for use as a veneer, often called thin stone veneer. Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone. The names artificial stones, faux stone, stacked stone veneer, manufactured stone and flexible stone veneer are also used for manufactured stone veneer.

Our main priority for our customers is helping them find the best material for their project so they feel confident in their design plan and achieve a beautiful result that ticks all the boxes.


Benefits of Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer Looks Like Real Stone

Stone veneer offers you the advantages of real stone without any of the drawbacks. The panels look authentic because they’ve been molded from real stone with coloring, patterning, and a textural feel that matches the real deal. Down to the tiniest detail, our products are handcrafted from natural stone in a process that makes it nearly impossible to discern the difference.

Stone Veneer Is Lightweight Making DIY Installation Simple

Stone veneer doesn’t require special support because it is lightweight, allowing the panels to be installed virtually anywhere, inside or out. With basic tools and skills, you can install your own stone veneer panels, further keeping your project on track and on budget. No trowels, mortar, masonry saw, or stone chisels required!

Stone Veneer Is Cost-Effective

Stone veneer will save you money over and over from the cost to buy to the cost to handle and install. Keep your project on track and on budget!

If you do decide to hire a professional to install the stone veneer, you will also save money in labor costs. No need to choose between your home design process and your kids’ education! It’s faster, less disruptive, and less expensive. And we’re always here to help. Between our highly knowledgeable and skilled staff and our easy-to-follow instructions, any question you have, we’ve got you covered.

Stone Veneer Is Maintenance-Free

A material’s ability to maintain the same look and feel as the day you bought it is the true test of value and quality. Stone veneer panels are made to do just that as they stand up to years of sun exposure, extreme temperatures, humidity, and rainfall. They won’t rot, fade, warp, crack, or peel even under fluctuating temperatures and most forms of severe weather. And because they are not made of organic material, insects and other pests won’t feed on it, eliminating other types of damage that are common in households. 

Stone Veneer Is Engineered for Outside And Works Inside Too

Stone veneer panels come in a variety of styles and realistic colors making it easy to compliment other home furnishing and decor elements. Whether you’re creating exterior stone walls or building an indoor accent wall or fireplace, stone veneer helps you to enhance any style of home. Batchelder & Collins has the selection of on-trend colors and textures that can transform your home, inside and out. 

Stone Veneer Leaves Less Waste

Manufactured stone has a 2% waste factor versus a 10% or greater waste factor associated with natural stone. With significantly less waste, stone veneer helps to reduce landfill usage while also saving you money on the job.

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How Does Stone Veneer Compare to Natural Stone?

In addition to all the benefits it offers, stone veneer costs a third to half the price of natural stone used in the same capacity and design versatility that many other materials lack. Each piece is handcrafted to ensure the stone veneer maintains the colors and nuances of natural stones for decades after installation. With our commitment no two pieces of manufactured stone look alike and thousands of individual molds to ensure that this is the case, stone veneer exhibits the same variation in size, shape, texture, and color as natural stone.

For decades, Batchelder & Collins has been curating and selling only the best simulated stone veneer that captures the natural beauty and refinement of natural stone. Batchelder & Collins is the preferred supplier of masonry products for any residential or commercial project.

We Have Happy Customers

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    "Very helpful staff. Helped me in deciding how many and of which bricks to get. Very quick in and out process they have set up."
    - Victor Pochop
  • 5 star review

    "I love this place.they always have what I need and all the staff is so very helpful ! Keep up the good work."
    - Debra Lewis
  • 5 star review

    "Visited to buy tools for my son's new job as a mason apprentice... Great staff, very helpful. Thank you. "
    - Victoria Leezer
  • 5 star review

    "What an amazing place. I brought in a brick that was from my 10yr old house... they matched it pretty well. They have 2 yards full of brick and stone."
    - Jacqueline Koch
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