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How To Make A Backyard Fireplace

Cozying up around a beautiful fireplace is the perfect winter activity with family and friends.

Grab some smores or a few beers and you have a real party. The key is having a properly constructed backyard fireplace so you can just sit back and enjoy instead of worrying about an ensuing inferno.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on building the newest staple of your backyard:

Step 1: Design your Fireplace

Measure out where you want your fireplace. Then comes the fun part – what it will look like! Stop by the Batchelder and Collins showroom to get the materials and help you need. We not only have hundreds of different bricks and stones to choose from but actual examples on-site to inspire your design.

Step 2: Make Sure It’s Legal

Sometimes it’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission, but not in this case. Make sure your fireplace plans are within city regulation in terms of chimney height, outdoor burning, and building codes. Better to be safe than sorry!

Step 3: Concrete is Your Foundation

A flat slab of concrete is essential to outdoor fireplace safety. If your backyard is without one, simply dig a ditch and get to pouring! Follow your slab with concrete cinder blocks, putting mortar between each one and leaving a big enough opening for your chimney.

Step 4: Firebox and Frame

Create your firebox with materials such as refractory mortar or firebrick, or buy a ready-made firebox. Measure and cut 2x4s to frame your firebox and attach with a nail gun or drill. Cut cement board to fit your frame and attach with nails or screws to protect the wood from sparks.

Step 5: Bring in the Mortar and Stone

Wherever you plan to put stones or pavers, lay down your mortar. We suggest doing so in smaller sections so the mortar doesn’t dry out. When placing your stones around the chimney and your pavers surrounding it, hold each slate in place until it’s self-supported.

Step 6: Chimney Cap It

Chimney caps are especially important for an outdoor fireplace, as they ensure no water enters the chimney.

Step 7: Sit Back and Enjoy!

Now that your backyard is the place to be, sit back and enjoy your work. Invite loved ones over to get cozy and a little warmed up this winter – or just to make them envious of your awesome backyard, we won’t judge.

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