Your chimney and fireplace provide you with a warm hearth during the cold winter months, but it is important to know when you need a chimney inspection to look for problems. When you have creosote buildup, animal nests, or other debris in your chimney, these can catch on fire if a lit ember makes its way into the chimney. Protect your home from potential chimney fires by getting your chimney inspected and cleaned once a year. At Batchelder and Collins, we provide homeowners with inspections, chimney cleaning, waterproofing, relining, and more to keep your chimney and fireplace safe to use.  Contact Batchelder and Collins at (757) 625-2506 to learn more about our chimney maintenance and repair services.

How Do You Know When To Get Your Chimney Repaired?

There are several reasons you might need to have your chimney repaired, and generally, there will be visual signs that something is wrong. Too much moisture in your chimney can be the cause of wall damage inside your home, and this needs to be addressed. White staining on your chimney bricks indicates that you may need a sealant to protect your bricks from water damage. If you have deteriorating masonry joints or small shards of brick in your fireplace or outside at the base of your chimney, masonry repairs are likely necessary. Your brick chimney can last for decades, but you have to pay attention to any moisture or other repair needs. It is important to pay attention to signs of damage because ignoring these problems can pose a safety hazard with your chimney. You should have your chimney inspected every year and whenever you have an issue with how your chimney is functioning.

Types of Chimneys

The two main types of chimneys are masonry and metal. Masonry chimneys are often used on homes and tend to be more attractive. Metal chimneys are used for a more modern look but are often more expensive than ones made from brick. Masonry chimneys require the skill of a trained mason, and the structure can be more creative than a metal chimney. Metal ones are larger and will take up more space.

Signs That a Masonry Chimney Needs Repair

A masonry chimney will deteriorate over time, and this can lead to a cracked chimney crown, leaks into your home, spalling, cracked mortar joints, or efflorescence. Water leaks can lead to further damage to the interior of your home and decrease the structural integrity of the bricks. A cracked crown will not protect your chimney from rain, leading to leaks in your chimney. Mortar joints can break down with age or from water damage. You may see signs of cracked mortar, or find bits of mortar on the ground. Efflorescence shows up as white staining on your bricks and shows up when there is too much moisture in your chimney. Spalling is when small pieces of brick chip off, falling onto the ground. Spalling happens when there is moisture in your bricks that freeze, causing the bricks to expand. This leads to fragments of brick coming off of your chimney and will eventually create the need for chimney rebuilding.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Masonry Chimney?

The chimney repair cost is determined when your chimney repair company inspects your chimney and provides an estimate. You may only need a new chimney liner, sealer, or chimney flashing, which will be cheaper than a completely new chimney. Repairs can average anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to thousands, while a completely new chimney can cost you around $10,000 or more.  

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Types of Chimney Repairs

A chimney crown repair is needed when the crown is crumbling and you find water damage inside your home. The only job of the crown is to protect the inside of the chimney from water. The chimney flue may need to be repaired if it becomes rusty from moisture or mechanically stops working due to a malfunction. You may need to have a new flue liner installed to protect the interior of your chimney. Leak repair is common when there is damage to the mortar joints or bricks. Leaning chimney repair may require tuckpointing, new stucco, or more extensive chimney repair services. You may need to talk to your chimney repair company to determine if your chimney can be repaired or if it is time for a replacement.

What Are the Benefits of Chimney Repair?

Chimney damage can cause a major safety hazard for anyone near your chimney or who lives within the home. The smoke chamber may be damaged, or carbon monoxide may be getting into your home because of a damaged flue. If you have a damaged chimney, it isn’t going to perform optimally. You can make your chimney more efficient when you ensure that it is clean and inspected every year. The sustainability of your chimney is important, and keeping your chimney in good shape will save you money over time. You will have a chimney that lasts longer and doesn’t need as many repairs when you take care of issues as they occur.

How Do You Properly Maintain a Chimney?

Your chimney should be inspected every year to maintain it properly. A chimney sweep should clean the flue, flue tile, firebox, chimney cap, and damper to remove combustible material such as creosote. If there is too much buildup in your chimney, this can catch on fire. A dirty chimney is a common cause of house fires that begin in the chimney. Between professional inspections, you can look for signs of damage periodically. If you find cracks in your bricks or mortar, this needs to be repaired to avoid further problems. Cracks often show up when you have excessive moisture in your chimney.

Clean the firebox on a consistent basis so that ash and soot don’t build up in your fireplace. When your firebox is dirty, this can lead to the accumulation of dust and ash in your chimney. Check the damper to make sure there isn’t any damage and that it is working properly. The damper controls how much heat remains in your home while allowing the smoke to clear. If you have trouble adjusting the damper, or smoke is getting into your home, there may be a problem with the top of your chimney. The chimney cap might be blocked by debris, causing smoke to back up into your home. Always make sure that your chimney is free from debris when before using your fireplace and chimney.

Why Choose Batchelder and Collins for Chimney Maintenance and Repair?

At Batchelder and Collins, we have the experience you want for maintenance and repair of chimneys. When you want to keep your home protected from the potential for a chimney fire, work with chimney repair services you can trust. We are masonry and hardscape experts ready to handle all of your chimney needs. We work hard to ensure that the customers we work with are completely satisfied.

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