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Selling Your Brick Home? Easy Ways To Increase Appeal

nice Brick home with green grass

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, brick or otherwise, you know how stressful it can be to present your house in the best light so that it will sell quickly.

But you also know how important curb appeal is to the selling process and it can truly make or break your home’s position on the market. We have countless tips on how to make a brick home look great, so today we thought we’d share our top 8 easy ways to boost your brick home’s curb appeal. So whether you are selling your home, moving into a fixer-upper that could use some adjustments, or just want to fall back in love with your home, here are some easy ways to embark on this adventure. 

Tip #1: Take a photo

When was the last time you stood back and took a long, hard look at the exterior of your home? Probably not since you first moved in. Standing back and taking a picture of the outside of your home will put you in the shoes of a potential buyer and allow you to look more critically at your home and what needs to be done. 

What jumps out at you from the photo? Is it the way the trim is fading or never matched to begin with? Is the sidewalk cracked? Is the staircase leading up to the front door still intact or is the banister falling apart? Is the landscape tamed and adding to the exterior? Could the house use a paint job or a good power wash? Take inventory of your space and make a list of the things that bother you and what needs to be changed. 

Tip #2: Give it a good power wash

We can honestly say that few things are more satisfying than power washing off years of dirt and grime from your brick home. Whether it be the actual home exterior, the porch, driveway, siding, or sidewalk, it can make a huge difference in the home’s curb appeal. You can do this yourself or you can hire a professional which is what we would recommend. 

Tip #3: Paint!

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders in updating a space but that’s not to say you have to or even should paint the entire brick exterior of your home. Like we mentioned in our article comparing painting, staining, and whitewashing brick, painting brick is not the easiest process. It’s certainly not something we’d recommend if you’re looking for a quick fix. There are, however, other elements of the exterior that could really benefit from a paint job.

Your front door is the gateway to your home and one of the first things prospective buyers will see. It can and should reflect your home’s style as well as your personal preferences. Painting your front door is a simple way to boost your home’s aesthetic instantly. Having trouble choosing a color? Check out our article on choosing a trim color for your home.

Another place that may be in need of an update is the garage door. Buying an entirely new garage door is expensive. But staining the existing one is a heck of a lot cheaper. Start by power washing the door to make sure the surface is completely clean then paint your stain on. 

The same goes for your banister, particularly if it’s wood. Make sure to use a paint that works well on outdoor surfaces. 

Tip #4: Update your address numbers

Updating your address numbers is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to modernize the exterior of your brick home while also boosting curb appeal. There are tons of tutorials out there and numbers that can be purchased in a variety of styles, fonts, and colors and allow you to pick something that compliments your home’s architecture. 

Tip #5: Add a flower bed

A flower bed adds not only style but also color to the front of your home. Creating a well-defined path with either stone or brick creates an inviting and put-together exterior that can add so much to your home. 

A container garden can also add the welcoming curb appeal that you’re looking for if a stone garden is a little more work than you’re willing to put in. 

Tip #6: Let there be light!

A dark entryway will not make potential buyers feel welcome. If you have an existing sconce or hanging pendant at the front door, update it with something more fun and fresh or at least change the light bulb. With other outdoor light fixtures, clean off cobwebs and debris to brighten up your space instantly. 

If you feel like your home’s exterior can benefit from some additional light, you can hang string lights, install a solar-powered lantern, or light up the walkway with low-voltage landscape lighting. 

Tip #7: Embrace symmetry

Symmetrical elements create a pattern that is pleasing to the eye. Achieve this look by looking at your house as two halves. What you do to one half, do to the other. 

Tip #8: Clean your gutters

Clean both the inside and outside of the gutters of any debris and make sure to scrub them till they look good as new. You will be in awe by how much of a difference this can make.

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