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How to Make the Most of Your Side Yard

Many homeowners, as they’re making their landscaping plans, forget all about the side yard. They’re often narrow, utilitarian, and seen as just a pass-through to get to the main action of the backyard. However, with a little bit of work and the following ideas, you can make yours the best pass-through that offers a pleasant way to pass from the front yard to the back without cutting through the house. 

Maximize your side yard idea #1: Add a shed

Many outdoor spaces could use some additional storage so why not add a garden shed around the side of the home? It’s a great place to store lawn equipment and tools that otherwise don’t have a place. Another advantage is that it will be out of sight so you don’t have to worry about it being an eyesore in the backyard.

The most important thing when adding a shed to your side yard is to measure the space and pick a storage shed that’ll fit. Be sure to pick a shed made of a material that is high quality and can stand up to weather conditions without falling apart too soon. 

Maximize your side yard idea #2: Pave it

A great way to add some personality and color to your side yard is to pave it. Batchelder & Collins carries everything you need to pave your side yard and add vibrancy to the space. Not only does paving look great and enhance the entire look of your home, but it also can prevent water from sitting around your home and soaking into your basement. It can even help to increase the value of your home when it becomes time to sell.

When you pave the side yard, you can also create space for additional seating and landscaping. The most difficult part is deciding what kind of paving you want for your side yard but that’s exactly what the team at Batchelder & Collins is here for. We are experts in this matter. We hear your ideas and come up with concrete solutions that produce beautiful results every time. 

Maximize your side yard idea #3: Plant a vegetable garden

There are few things greater (and more sustainable) than planting your own fruits and vegetables and reaping the rewards when your garden truly flourishes. If you’ve been thinking about planting your own garden, the side yard is the perfect spot! It’s out of the way and, if it’s fenced in, you don’t have to worry about certain stray animals getting into it. 

You have several options when it comes to planting your own garden but the two most popular are planting directly into the ground or building an elevated garden. If you have limited space, you might consider a vertical garden.

Maximize your side yard idea #4: Staircase of dreams

If you live on a sloped site, it can be a challenge to landscape around it. But it makes for a great opportunity to create a grand staircase. The one above includes terraced stone retaining walls and steps that match boulders found on site. 

Maximize your side yard idea #5: Create a space for your pooch

If you are a dog owner, you know that dogs can wreak havoc on your yard. They poop and pee which can discolor the grass and if you have a digger, that’s a whole other problem. 

Creating a designated space for your pups when they are outside is a great way to give them their own special space and contain the mess.

Maximize your side yard idea #6: Design a play area

If you want a designated play area that doesn’t leave your entire backyard strewn with toys, the side yard is the perfect place. You can put down rubber mats, rubber mulch, sand, or even turf to ensure that your children or grandchildren are safe on materials that are less likely to hurt them.

Other great additions to the play area include a chalkboard, a small playhouse, a swing, a sandbox, or a rock wall. The options are endless but we can ensure your children will love having their own designated space in the yard.

If you’re ready to give your side yard a gorgeous makeover, let Batchelder & Collins be your first stop!

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