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7 DIY Projects to Use Up Your Leftover Bricks

We’ve compiled a list of 7 projects that use bricks and little else, everything from a raised planter to a cool stepping stone pathway. Before you know it, spring will be here and you’ll be looking for any excuse to get outside. Why not try one of these brick projects?

Build a brick path

A brick path is the perfect way to use leftover bricks to create an informal walkway to your backyard, a path to the front door, or a trail to your flower garden. The possibilities are essentially endless if you want to add some rustic decor and increase the value of your home. 

Create a brick seating area

A brick firepit is an extremely popular summer project. Why not buy extra bricks and create a matching seating area for when you’re sitting around and enjoying the warmth provided by your new firepit. With a few throw pillows and cushions, you’ve got the perfect cozy outdoor spot.

Make a raised garden bed

The great thing about a raised garden bed is that it really doesn’t require much more than the leftover bricks and of course whatever planters you want to place within it. You can choose virtually any size or shape and what’s nice is that you really don’t have to use mortar to stick it all together, allowing you to assemble and disassemble it as you please.

Build a brick fireplace

The great thing about a brick fireplace besides all the warmth that it provides is that it can be either an indoor or an outdoor project. Indoors, you may choose to paint it in order to seamlessly blend it in with your wall color and decorate it with houseplants. Building one outdoor allows you to get a little more creative with the design and try out some different shapes. 

Mark your plants in an herb garden

An herb garden is a great addition to your home and to your diet. But herbs can start to look a bit similar and you’ll want to find a way to identify them so that you’re not making the mistake of putting dill in your tea that you meant to make mint flavored (we realize these 2 plants look virtually nothing alike). To solve the problem, you can simply write on the bricks in Sharpie – either free-handed or stenciled – and place them by each of the applicable plants. 

Construct a brick birdbath

Welcome all the birds who flew south for the winter back with a brick birdbath. Similarly to the raised brick garden bed, this one is pretty easy to create and super customizable. Just stack the bricks with mortar in between to whatever height and width you’d like then add a large bowl for the birdbath. And voila!

Design a few brick bookends

This is a great DIY if you just have a couple of remaining bricks from a previous project and allows you to get really creative. You can go for the gilded look by spray painting them gold and adding lace like in the photo above. Or maybe you prefer to get a little messy in which case a splatter-paint job that matches the room’s color scheme may be more your speed.

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