How to Plan Your Dream Backyard Makeover

How to Plan Your Dream Backyard Makeover

What do you see when you picture your dream backyard? Do you see a large expanse of luscious green grass with a brick patio complete with plush chairs that you can sit in and enjoy a good book?

Does it have a stone fire pit that you and your friends can gather around and roast marshmallows on cool summer nights? Is there a stone path leading to a waterfall? 

Whatever it may look like, the most important part of any home improvement project is that it fits within the budget that you’ve allotted for it. According to the 2019 HomeAdvisor State of Home Spending report, spending on home improvement has increased as much as 17% in the last year with the bulk of these costs coming from labor. If your budget doesn’t allow for that, you may want to look into do-it-yourself projects that fit your skill set as an alternative. 

A DIY outdoor project may seem cheaper and easier than an interior home remodel but even though you are saving money by not paying for professional labor, you should not choose to skimp on bricks, block, and cement that will deteriorate when exposed to the elements. 

Batchelder and Collins offers high-quality products because we know how much time and effort you’re putting in to create your perfect project. With all that being said, let’s get into planning your perfect backyard makeover.

How to Plan Your Dream Backyard Makeover

Step #1: What is the purpose of your backyard?

Is it your goal to get the kids to put their devices down and play in the backyard harmoniously with your pets? Do you want a space to unwind and relax? Are you looking to take up composting and gardening? Or maybe you love to entertain during the summer months and up until now haven’t had the perfect place to do so. The first step in building your dream backyard is to determine what exactly you want to accomplish in this makeover. This will help you in determining what projects you want to take on and therefore what products you should be searching for. 

Step #2: Create a wishlist

As a part of this step, you should take into account both your family’s needs and the possibility of selling your home in the future. What project(s) might help to increase your home’s value while also serving your family in the present? Don’t limit yourself because right now you’re just brainstorming; select all the features you wish to have in your space and later we will discuss budget. 

Step #3: Consult the professionals

At this point, you’ll want to take your ideas to your nearest Batchelder and Collins location. Chances are that you gathered some ideas on Pinterest during step 2 and showing these to our staff will allow you to get an idea of the price as well as the level of skill required to implement them. You can get a better idea of what you can really afford to do – spatially but also financially – and get a chance to look at the extensive product range

Step #4: Consider all your hindrances

It’s important that you walk around your backyard and identify any hindrances or challenges that you might face with certain projects. For example, maybe you’d love a pool but there just isn’t enough space in the yard for that. Instead, you could go for a dipping pool with a stone walkway leading to it from the house. If you want to start gardening, you have to consider the necessity for the plants to be in an area that gets a lot of sunlight and access to water or irrigation. Not really up for lots of maintenance on a brand new deck? Instead of building a wood one which rots over time and requires plenty of upkeep, you should go for a raised stone deck

Step #5: Finalize your budget

Before you go any further, you should compile the starting prices of all the features you are set on; this list may change depending on how much it costs to finance the different projects. Putting them in priority order will give you a sense of what you truly can afford and what may be a luxury to save up for in the future. You can also determine if there are cheaper alternatives available. For example, if a fireplace is too much of an investment, go for a fire pit instead. Instead of building your walkway in an S-curve shape, build it straight as serpentine patterns require more time and more products – mortar and brick or clay pavers, whatever have you. 

Step #6: Choose your products

Before heading back to Batchelder and Collins, you should choose your color palette starting by matching the primary color of your new landscape projects to the primary color of your house. Select the undertones you’d like to see more of whether it be reds, browns, beiges, grays, black, etc. Then head to the store with these features in mind and bring home samples so you can try before you buy. 

Step #7: Start your project!

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