How to Hang Anything on a Brick Wall

Nothing adds warmth and character to a space quite like an exposed brick wall.

Although they make a statement by themselves, we completely understand if you want to further adorn your wall. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to hang decorations on brick walls. And don’t forget to visit one of our 2 locations for all your brick needs!

Before You Begin Decorating Your Brick

It’s important that you realize that this is not an easily-reversible process, so we recommend it for homeowners, rather than renters and here’s why: If you make a hole and try to patch it up later, the mortar will be two different colors.

Even if you don’t think you can handle drilling (which we will get into later), brick clips are also an option but again, we wouldn’t recommend it in a rental. But it’s your choice: completing your design aesthetic or getting back your security deposit.

Any holes that you will be drilling into your wall should be going into the mortar and not the face of the brick itself. Mortar is softer and easier to drill into while bricks are often hollow and will not create as secure of support.

Step 1: Get the Right Supplies

In order to begin your project, you’ll need the right tools, including some brick-centric gadgets. For example, a regular hammer and nails can just cause the mortar to crumble. When you’re shopping around for these gadgets, look for products that specifically have “masonry” in the name, tools specifically designed to bore into this type of surface.

If you don’t already own one, purchase a drill, a set of masonry bits that are slightly smaller than the width of your screws, and anchor screws that match the weight of your object. Anchor screws closely mirror regular screws, but they have an extra set of raised threads that help them cut and grip into very hard material like brick or concrete.

We recommend weighing the item you want to hang before heading to the hardware store.

Step 2: Cover Your Work Area

Drilling into brick can be quite a messy project so before beginning, it’s a good idea to move fragile items out of the area and cover the remaining furniture in plastic sheeting or a drop cloth.

Step 3: X Marks Your Spot

Use chalk to mark the place in the mortar where you want to actually install the picture hook. Chalk can easily be rubbed off once the job is finished. If you are hanging multiple pictures or are drilling multiple holes for a heavier object, a level might come in handy so you can make sure everything is aligned the way you want it.

STEP 4: Drill Your Hole in the Mortar

Attach a masonry bit to your drill and drill a hole into the mortar where you marked it with chalk. Keep the drill at a right angle to the wall and take your time. Be sure to drill deep enough to accommodate the length of the wall anchor, but not so deep that you might puncture any wires or pipes that may be behind the brick. Reverse the drill when you’re done drilling to clear out the debris.

STEP 5: Insert Your Wall Anchor

Place an anchor screw into the hole you drilled. Now, what you’re hanging is going to determine what kind of attachment you hang aside your anchor screw. Some picture frames have wire attached to the back that can be hung on an anchor plate. Others may have an eyelet on the back that would better hang on a screw with a hook attached.

Using a standard screw drive or a screwdriver attachment on your drill, drive the screw into the hole.

Finally, hang the picture frame over the hook or plate you’ve secured into place. And you’re done! Now step back and admire your handiwork. (Maybe take a picture and tag us on Facebook too!)

Alternative Tip

Brick clips, also known as pinch clips, clamp onto the edge of the brick itself and come with a hook attached. They will sit on the top and bottom of the brick in the narrow space where it sticks out past the mortar, and when you squeeze the clamps, the anchor will attach to the brick. These are perfect for holding lighter objects since they are not fastened securely into the wall.

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