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Nothing says timeless like genuine stone  – each piece its own majestic work of art. Available in a rich array of colors and styles, our thin cut stone dazzles the senses with   exquisite beauty and incomparable glamour.


Make your home a masterpiece.

Established in 1998, QuarryCut helped pioneer the thin cut stone industry. More economical than 6″ stone – and more enduring than imitation veneers – our products are beautiful, easy to install and add lasting value to any home. Never dyed, never treated with chemicals, our genuine stone is a treasure for the ages, all locally sourced and never imported.


We own or have exclusive rights to our quarries – which ensures superior pricing and unmatched attention to detail. Our mountains yield exquisite varieties of color and shape, allowing us to complement any taste, any style, anywhere in the U.S.


QuarryCut Thin Cut Stone is exquisite, natural and durable. Best of all, it is available in a countless variety of colors, shapes and styles. You can blend colors, add a special touch with mortar and design the look of your dreams.


Here are just a few color samples for you to view.


For the full list of colors and styles, you may visit their website.


Visit Their Full Website at




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Bring Nature to Your Home with Natural Thin Stone Veneer!
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