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Our hometown might be a little different. We share our roads with buggies. We know the name of each neighbor. So maybe it’s only natural that the qualities so common here in Ohio’s Amish country-hard work, honesty, genuine care-are what define us as a company. They certainly define our products.



Created by a tight-knit group of local artisans, Dutch Quality Stone veneers exhibit all the unique qualities of nature in a range of dependable, easy-to-install options for homes and commercial properties. It’s what can happen when the exacting standards of traditional craftsmen are applied to modern processes. And it makes all the difference.


Dutch Quality Stone has been at the forefront of advanced stone replication for over a decade, perfecting the process of recreating incredibly vivid stone products. Superior stone replications and start-to-finish customer service, work in harmony to make our stone the best choice for your project.

Our Norfolk Showroom offers a display of several styles and colors of stone for you to view. The pictures below are from Dutch Quality’s website to help give you some ideas on how stone veneer can create an entirely new look for your space!



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We Keep Several Colors & Styles of Dutch Quality in Stock as well as Some Mantles & Stone Accessories!
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