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York Building Products is an architectural concrete masonry manufacturer located in south central PA. Our close proximity to the mid-Atlantic marketplace affords you the opportunity to specify our products with confidence, knowing that fast, efficient delivery helps keep your project costs under control.


From your back yard sandbox to the skyline’s tallest building, York Building Products supplies the sand, crushed stone and gravel that make much of modern life possible.


Few people realize how often they encounter our products: aggregate, block, asphalt or concrete. They’re in your sidewalks, roads and bridges; your homes, schools and churches; your offices, stores and hospitals; even your pitching mounds, putting greens and sand traps. As the region’s largest supplier of building materials, it’s hard to imagine a company touching more Mid-Atlantic lives than we do.


As one of the nation’s largest producers of masonry units, our architectural masonry, structural retaining walls, residential landscape walls and colored mortar are used on projects throughout the East Coast.


And because we are vertically integrated, we control our product quality from the raw material stage through the entire manufacturing process – your assurance of a product line built on a foundation of excellence. We look forward to serving your project needs and have LEED® AP consultants on-staff to assist and consult with you at a moment’s notice.

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