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Techniseal Polymeric Sand


In 1999, Techniseal introduced the very first polymeric sand for pavers. Issued from the latest generation of polymers, Techniseal® RG+ becomes water resistant quickly after activation. Designed to make joint stabilization easier than ever, RG+ Polymeric Jointing Sand is a high-tech mix of graded sand (ASTM C-144) and binder, specially formulated for the filling of narrow or wide joints when installing pavers, slabs or natural stones, or when replacing existing joints. It is ideal for surfaces exposed to light vehicular traffic, such as small commercial parking lots, driveways, terraces, backyards, garden paths, access roads, etc1 . Easy to use, RG+ is applied dry; it starts to set a few minutes after wetting, quickly becoming resistant to erosion due to water (rain, splashes, sprinklers, etc.). Once dry and polymerized, Techniseal® RG+ polymeric sand also resists insect invasion and inhibits weed growth. Remaining flexible, it follows the movements of pavers or slabs.


GatorMaxx Polymeric Sand


Gator Maxx Sand is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand available in Beige, Slate Grey, Ivory and Black Diamond. The installation of Gator Maxx Sand is almost identical to using regular paver joint sand except for the application of water. Once Gator Maxx Sand sets, it becomes very firm and locks between the paver joints while still retaining flexibility and providing a long lasting, durable jointing material. Gator Maxx Sand is recommended for a variety of uses including pool decks, patios, footpaths, driveways, parking spaces, pavements, etc.


SEK Snap Edge Paver Restraint


 Snap Edge is a one-piece paver restraint system sold in 8′ sections. The injection-molded, recycled plastic sports a buttressed design for maximum support. The outer edge can be easily cut to accommodate curves or a radius pattern.


Paver Edging Spikes


  10″ Bright Spikes are used to secure paver edging along the borders of pathways, driveways, and patios.



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